Lateral Projects can work with your business and tailor a delivery method to suit your requirements. Lateral Projects undertake projects in which the relationships between the project team can take a number of different forms. These incude:

Main Contractor

We, as the main contactor agree to a fixed lump sum price contract to complete the project.

Design and Construct

We, as the main contractor, appoint an architect and consultants on behalf of the client emphasising on achieving budget as well as the requirements of the client.

Construction Management

As a construction manager we are paid a fee to manage the construction element of the project. The client can contract directly with the various trades or, if requested, Lateral Projects can arrange contracts with the trades.

Management Contractor

As a management contractor we are paid a fee plus preliminary costs incurred during the planning stage. The fee is usually a percentage of the overall project value. We are engaged prior to detailed design being carried out.

Project Manager

As a project manager we are paid a fee to act as the client’s representative and advisor during the life of the project.